Cows Make Important Business Decision

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you may remember the post The Cow Goes “Tweet” about an Ontario farmer who has “twitter-ing” cows. Well now a Norwegian dairy brand, Litago, has tweeting cows who are going to choose the next flavor of milk that the company will produce.

A farmer is allowing DIST to divide a field into 25 plots, each of which has been assigned a different flavor of milk. Over a five-day period, ending on Friday, the agency says the amount of time in which the 10 cows spend in each plot is being tracked using “sophisticated technology.” At the end of the experiment, the plot that the cows have spent the most time in will be declared the winner, and the new flavor corresponding to that patch will be developed.

At the moment, a rice-pudding flavor is in the lead, followed by spearmint, passionfruit and then pomegranate. Other curious combinations that could stage a last-minute rally are chocolate and salted almond, pancakes with syrup, and vanilla cola. The 25 flavors were chosen by users through a Facebook poll.

Footage of the cows is being streamed live on a dedicated website… ” Source: Marketing: Tweeting Cows Pick New Flavor for Litago Milk – Global News – Advertising Age

What flavor of milk would you choose?

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