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Driving a Valtra From Finland to Italy

I know that you have been wondering all week about the farmer who was driving his Valtra from Finland to Italy. Well, good news: he made it home on Sunday afternoon! We congratulate the entire team on their successful journey.

“On the final day of the journey, the travelers were met by 10 friends of Vladi Peresson with their tractors at the Italian border near Klagenfurt, Austria. From Finland to Italy: They drove the last 140 km to Arta Terme together, where they were already expected at the town hall by local mayor Marlin Peresson and manager of Valtra Italy, Matteo Tarabini. Vladi Peresson and his friends finally arrived at the family farm on Sunday afternoon.

The new tractor was received with curiosity, and everybody got their chance to test the new N142. “The TwinTrac reverse drive function was particularly popular with our friends. It will make a lot of the jobs on the farm much easier, such as making corn silage”, comments Daniela Peresson. “We have seen a lot and met many nice people on our journey across Europe. But now the holidays are over for all of us, and the work with the tractor can begin”, she adds.

Trip summary
Distance covered: 2841 km
Total fuel: 1090 litres
Hours driven: 75
Avg. fuel consumption per hour: 14,5 litres” Source: Valtra – From Finland to Italy: Final day (Austria, Italy)

Visit the Valtra website for day by day accounts from their journey and to see photos from along the way.

AGCO Wants to Know What YOU Think

As you know, AGCO is very active in social media with a presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Scribd, UStream and of course your favorite ag blog (that’s this one). But what is most important is that you are finding the information that you need where you need it.

We are conducting a “media survey” because we want to know what you think! We hope to gain a lot of valuable insight into your media preferences which will enable us to meet your needs better. Please take a moment to fill out our survey and you will automatically be entered to win one of three great prizes! (We’ll announce what the prize is soon!)

You should also tell all of your friends and colleges to take the survey, because the more we know, the better we can serve YOU. We would like feedback from all kinds of agriculture, brands, farms, ages and backgrounds.

So what are you waiting for? Take the survey now.

Calling All College "Aggies"

I was reading a blog post by Troy Hadrick, Advocates for Agriculture, and saw this interesting story about a forum for college students interested in agriculture:

The Animal Agriculture Alliance has announced the re-launch of College Aggies Online, a program developed in partnership with the American National CattleWomen Inc. to help today’s college students become confident advocates for the agriculture industry.”

“Last year, 350 students representing 50 universities shared their stories on the College Aggies Online network,” said Alliance Executive Vice President Kay Johnson Smith. “Students who participate in the program do more than just build their resume – they help ensure the future of American agriculture.”

Students with a passion for agriculture are encouraged to sign up at After creating a personal profile on the network, members will gain access to a private forum where they can discuss current and emerging issues facing farmers and ranchers with other young agriculturists from across the country.
The online community will provide resources to help students better utilize social media tools such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to share agriculture’s story with the public. Source: College students – Agriculture needs your voice! | – Industry News

If you are a college student who is passionate about agriculture, send us a message on Facebook about potentially guest blogging for us in the future!

Massey Ferguson XD Baler Testing Continues

Hello, Matt LeCroy here again for your Massey
Ferguson XD baler update, just back from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. We were baling annual rye grass straw with great success. We have had significant weight gains over our 2010 production balers. Under possibly the hardest baling conditions in North America our balers performed very successfully. The increased load figures are supported by significant structural changes to the baler. Check out the “XD Baler in Action”.

Here is a screen shot of the monitor in our MF8680 tractor with the baler monitor. Notice the top right hand corner of this picture you will notice the HayBoss moisture monitor. At noon the weather was 85 degrees and windy; the moisture was at 3% so the straw was exerting a lot of pressure.

Here is a close shot of the tractor monitor. Since both the MF2170 and MF8680 are ISO compliant we can plug the baler straight into the tractor without the need for a second monitor. We are running a higher load setting on the XD balers vs. the 330 load for the 2010 baler. During mid morning and early evening when the moisture content was upwards of 9% we were able to increase the load and gain significant bale weight. The limiting factor always seems to be the twine strength. We have seen a mixture of knot strength between 450 and 600. Even with 600 knot strength we can not increase the pressure to the baler’s max. Notice the industry exclusive driving arrow displayed allows you to build the perfect square shouldered bale.

For more information on the MF2170XD please keep checking back. And let us know if you have any questions by posting a comment below.

iPad Winner from Ag Media Summit

Nerissa Retz, Junior at University of Wisconsin – River Falls was the proud winner of an iPad given away by AGCO at last week’s Ag Media Summit. Nerissa is currently majoring in Communication Studies and Minoring in Agricultural Studies. I asked Nerissa what she wanted to do when she graduated:
I chose to major in Communication Studies because it is a broad field; however, because I grew up on a small dairy farm I know that they are essential to the world, so I would like to stay in the agricultural world and plan events, like Ag Media Summit maybe, for those in agriculture.

Nerissa understands the importance of agriculture and advocating for a cause.

Within FFA, there is a saying that I heard often: “Where would you be without agriculture? -Naked and hungry.” If you think about it, it is easy to see that everybody does rely on agriculture for their basic needs. We have cotton pickers and tractors, but there are also those who modify seeds or determine how to optimize milking so it is safer for consumers. Many of my friends from larger cities know that they rely on agriculture, but I feel that they still take advantage of it and do not appreciate it as much as they should: I give tours of my family’s farm to my friends and they all enjoy it and ask questions that I love answering because it shows their curiosity for something that surrounds them daily.

Watch Nerissa here:

AGCO is a proud sponsor of FFA and 4-H agricultural youth programs because we feel the future of farming is dependent on building the young ag leaders today. Tell us about your future in farming by posting a comment below.