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How it’s Made: Round Hay Bales

Hi, I’m Jason Wire, Product Marketing Specialist for Hay & Forage at AGCO. I was born and raised on a family farm in southwestern Michigan where we grew cash crops and had a small herd of registered Angus cattle. From there I attended Michigan State University earning a degree in Agricultural Business Management. I got my start with AGCO in 2007 as a Product Trainer teaching dealers about the features and benefits of AGCO products.

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside a round baler while it’s working? Maybe you’ve asked yourself “Where does the crop go after it disappears into the bale chamber?” Well now you no longer have to wonder. Thanks to state of the art animation software and our friends at Indigo Studios in Atlanta, our new Hesston 2800 series round baler by Massey Ferguson video explains it all. This computer generated video shows how the baler works to create a round bale; from crop, to starting and formation, to bale wrapping and then finally the bale ejection process as seen from inside the baler itself. Watch this video and see for yourself what innovations make this revolutionary round baler such a great product.

The Hesston 2800 Series by Massey Ferguson are available in North America only. Find out more information about the Hesston 2800 Series round balers by Massey Ferguson.

Stay Safe in the Heat

I don’t know about the temperature where you are but it sure is hot in Georgia. Everyone needs to be mindful of keeping themselves protected in the heat – especially farmers. Take a look at the following tips from the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety:

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep your head and face cool. This will also provide added protection from damaging sun exposure. Baseball caps provide little protection except to the face. A hat should protect the neck, face and ears.
  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt at all times. It should be light colored and loose fitting except when working around machinery.
  • Carry a source of water with you. Take drinks frequently—every 15 minutes.
  • Take frequent breaks in the shade or in a cool environment during the hottest times of the day.
  • Adjust gradually to working in the heat over a period of 10-20 days.
  • Someone suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke should be moved to a cool environment, offered sips of water, if conscious, and provided with attention from emergency medical personnel.
  • Wear sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 15. Make sure children are also adequately protected.

So don’t forget your sunscreen and a jug of water when you are out working in this summer heat!

CVT Explained

AGCO’s Fendt brand first introduced the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for agricultural products in 1995. With over 100,000 tractors manufactured to date, it is the only true step-less transmission in the agricultural market today. While the CVT is superior in efficiently transferring power to the ground, the largest benefit is realized when operators can throttle-down and speed-up offering market-leading production and fuel efficiencies.

Find out more information about the award-winning Fendt VARIO® CVT with its infinite speed selection.

Fendt Sponsors German Equestrian Team

AGCO is pleased to announce that our Fendt brand will be the main sponsor of the German equestrian team during the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

“The 2010 World Equestrian Games will be held September 25 – October 10, 2010 in Lexington, Kentucky and are a preparatory competition for the Olympics. The World Equestrian Games are comprised of the world championships for eight equestrian sports – show jumping, dressage, eventing, driving, reining, vaulting, endurance and para-equestrian. The sponsor commitment of the Fendt brand will help the German Riding Association (FN) and the German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR) to face the financial and organizational challenges of the competition.

“Fendt is the leading high-tech brand for tractors and the German equestrian team leads in international competitions – that’s a perfect match,” explained Martin Richenhagen. AGCO’s Fendt brand manufactures tractors and agricultural equipment in three German factories. As the main sponsor, the Fendt brand will finance parts of the equipment of the German equestrian team. Among other things, the Fendt logo will be visible on the German team’s equipment and apparel. The Chef Equipe of the German team, Reinhard Wendt, explained: “We are very pleased to have such an attractive main sponsor as Fendt and we will do our best to successfully represent Germany during the 2010 World Equestrian Games.” ” Source: AGCO’s Fendt Brand Sponsors the German Equestrian Team during the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky | EON: Enhanced Online News

Are you going to be there?

So Steve Jobs and a Dairy Farmer Walk Into a Bar….

Well, not really, but AgChat Foundation is trying to get farmer voices heard at a major computer technology conference and needs your help.

Imagine one of the country’s biggest computer technology events and all the major players are there — Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All of those companies send their “heavy hitters” to talk about how they are doing things differently and how they are pioneering social media uses. Now put one of us, or even better a panel of farmers, ranchers and others engaged in agriculture and social media right in the center. You can help that vision become reality.

Agriculture is often under-represented and sometimes even mis-represented in public forums. We have an opportunity to change that at South by Southwest Interactive, one of the world’s leading Interactive conferences. The event will be held in Austin, Texas, from March 11th through the 15th, 2011. Voting for panels closes August 27th.

The AgChat Foundation team has submitted a proposal for a panel discussion called, Agvocacy 2.0: Adding a Human Voice to the Farm. A critical element in having that proposal accepted is having people vote for it and join the discussion surrounding the panel by posting insightful comments.” Source: AgChat » Blog Archive » SXSW Panel: We Need Your Vote!

Follow this link to find out how to vote!

Vote now! You can PERSONALLY help the voice of agriculture be heard.