Massey Ferguson XD Baler Testing Continues

Hello, Matt LeCroy here again for your Massey
Ferguson XD baler update, just back from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. We were baling annual rye grass straw with great success. We have had significant weight gains over our 2010 production balers. Under possibly the hardest baling conditions in North America our balers performed very successfully. The increased load figures are supported by significant structural changes to the baler. Check out the “XD Baler in Action”.

Here is a screen shot of the monitor in our MF8680 tractor with the baler monitor. Notice the top right hand corner of this picture you will notice the HayBoss moisture monitor. At noon the weather was 85 degrees and windy; the moisture was at 3% so the straw was exerting a lot of pressure.

Here is a close shot of the tractor monitor. Since both the MF2170 and MF8680 are ISO compliant we can plug the baler straight into the tractor without the need for a second monitor. We are running a higher load setting on the XD balers vs. the 330 load for the 2010 baler. During mid morning and early evening when the moisture content was upwards of 9% we were able to increase the load and gain significant bale weight. The limiting factor always seems to be the twine strength. We have seen a mixture of knot strength between 450 and 600. Even with 600 knot strength we can not increase the pressure to the baler’s max. Notice the industry exclusive driving arrow displayed allows you to build the perfect square shouldered bale.

For more information on the MF2170XD please keep checking back. And let us know if you have any questions by posting a comment below.

3 Responses to “Massey Ferguson XD Baler Testing Continues”

  • Anonymous:

    will they bring these out to Australia to trial?

  • Anonymous:

    Just send them to Aust.I used a Krone 4×3 extended chamber HDP last season and the savings in freight costs are amazing.Massey will miss many sales while they chew the cud.

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