Massey Ferguson Demo Drivers Lead the Way

Gavin Doughty here, Manager, Marketing Communications for AGCO in Abbey Park, UK. Working in the Marketing function of AGCO Ltd, I have responsibility for the communication of Massey Ferguson Harvesting and Brand promotions throughout Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Massey Ferguson Harvesting is set to develop the new Golden Age and re-capture the credibility it deserves as the inventor of the first commercially available self-propelled combine harvester in the world.

The new MF 9280 DELTA hybrid combine made its way into the fields recently as demonstration teams swung into action across Europe.

A highly skilled team of drivers are currently demonstrating the benefits of the Massey Ferguson hybrid combine to customers throughout our region; in UK, Germany, Czech, Hungary, Denmark and Slovakia, with the full support of local sales teams.

A full machinery tour around the MF DELTA starts the customer’s day on arrival in the field, followed by the real harvesting experience from the driver’s seat to put the combine through its paces and see the benefits of the new technology for themselves.

Over the coming days and weeks I will be posting reports from the demo teams. Check out more information about the DELTA combine.

Post your questions below as a comment and I’ll get word out to the teams.

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