How it’s Made: Round Hay Bales

Hi, I’m Jason Wire, Product Marketing Specialist for Hay & Forage at AGCO. I was born and raised on a family farm in southwestern Michigan where we grew cash crops and had a small herd of registered Angus cattle. From there I attended Michigan State University earning a degree in Agricultural Business Management. I got my start with AGCO in 2007 as a Product Trainer teaching dealers about the features and benefits of AGCO products.

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside a round baler while it’s working? Maybe you’ve asked yourself “Where does the crop go after it disappears into the bale chamber?” Well now you no longer have to wonder. Thanks to state of the art animation software and our friends at Indigo Studios in Atlanta, our new Hesston 2800 series round baler by Massey Ferguson video explains it all. This computer generated video shows how the baler works to create a round bale; from crop, to starting and formation, to bale wrapping and then finally the bale ejection process as seen from inside the baler itself. Watch this video and see for yourself what innovations make this revolutionary round baler such a great product.

The Hesston 2800 Series by Massey Ferguson are available in North America only. Find out more information about the Hesston 2800 Series round balers by Massey Ferguson.

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