Gleaner Super Series Information is Here!

Have you been waiting to find out more about the new Gleaner Super Series combines for North America? Well wait no more because you can connect to all the information you want in the NEW Gleaner tab on AGCO’s Facebook fan page!

As you know, the reason the black “Stealth” Super7 left the wheat harvest was to head back to Kansas to be introduced to the Gleaner dealers. The prototype’s show business run extends for a few more weeks as it will make field demonstration appearances at the fall farm shows. These shows are not only an opportunity for more people to see the new Gleaner Super Series Combines, the are also a time for the Super7 to show off in the corn harvest. Based on last year’s performance in the very tough harvest, the Gleaner team is confident the further-improved prototypes will really shine at the shows and in more extensive corn and soybean harvest testing this fall.
Check out the video below for an overview of the new Gleaner Super Series Combines from Kevin Bien, AGCO Product Marketing Manager for Combines and let us know if you have any questions by posting a comment below. Happy harvesting!

2 Responses to “Gleaner Super Series Information is Here!”

  • Anonymous:

    Kevin Bien is not the AGCO Product Marketing Manager for All AGCO Combines

    Kevin Cobb is the AGCO Product Marketing Manager for AGCO Challenger Combines

  • Jamy Johnson:

    You are right! Kevin Cobb focuses on Challenger combines and Kevin Bien focuses on Massey Ferguson and Gleaner combines. However, Kevin's title is still "Product Marketing Manager" for combines.