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Welcome to Farm Progress Show 2010

The first day of Farm Progress Show is finally here! Watch a video featuring Matt Jungmann, National Show Manager for Farm Progress Show giving a warm welcome to visitors. You will also get an exclusive tour of the AGCO show booth from atop a Gleaner Super Series S67 from Phil Jones, Manager, North America Brand Marketing at AGCO. Check out photos here.

We will also be posting videos on our YouTube channel and tweeting live from the event. Stay tuned!

New Products Launched at Farm Progress Show

Hey folks! I’m on my way to Boone, Iowa, U.S. today for the Farm Progress Show. I’m very excited to go as it is my first official farm show with AGCO! Sue and I will be recording videos and trying our hand with live broadcasting from the field. Maybe they’ll even let me drive a tractor!

In anticipation for the start of the show tomorrow, enjoy the video below featuring Doug Griffin, VP North America Marketing at AGCO, as he highlights the new products being introduced at the show:

– Gleaner® S7 Series Transverse Rotor Combines
– Sunflower® 6630 Vertical Tillage System
– Sunflower 1550 Series Five-Section Tandem Disc Harrow
– TerraGator® 6303 and 8303 Models
– RoGator® High Clearance Applicators
– SpraCoupe® 4000 and 7000 Series
– AGCO Compare

Learn more about the products being introduced.

AGCO Launches New Productivity Calculator

AGCO recently launched a new productivity calculator designed specifically to give our customers the opportunity to discover the advantages of using AGCO Net Wrap as compared to twine tied bales. This new online device provides an estimated calculation of the hours and costs saved by using AGCO Net Wrap vs. twine applications. Visit the twine calculator. Read the rest of the press release below.

Want to learn more about hay tools? Visit the Hesston by Massey Ferguson website.

How much do you think you can save with Net Wrap?

Challenger MT600C Owner Shares Perspective

Dennis Bartz, of Grafton, Iowa, USA provides an owner’s perspective on AGCO’s Challenger MT600C Series high-horsepower row-crop tractors. Hear his thoughts on fuel consumption, CVT, SISU engine, and the cab in the video below.

Find out more about your right tractor right now.

Gleaner Update: Episode Three

Episode Three of the Gleaner Super Series videos is here! In this episode, you’ll see exactly how this new combine achieves its high level of performance. You’ll also see the comparison data from our benchmark tests against competitive combines.

With the official launch completed, several Super 7 and Super 6 units have spread out in fields across North America to show farmers just what they’re capable of. The black painted Stealth S7 will take a quick break from its current run to make a visit to farm shows before returning to the field to cut more beans and corn.

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