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AGCO Video Contest: Your Chance at FAME!

Ever wanted to be famous? Well here’s your chance! AGCO is sponsoring our first ever video contest with the theme of “Fans on Film”. Submit your origional film with an AGCO product in it to be considered for a prize! First place wins an AGCO branded Flip camera and two runners up will recieve a $25 iTunes gift card each. By now, I’m sure you are wondering to yourself “how do I submit my video”? Well, I have an answer for you:

Click on the “contest” tab at the AGCO: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra Tractors and Farm Equipment fanpage on Facebook and click “Enter Now”. (“Like” us while you’re there!)

After that, you will be sent to a form with step-by-step instructions on how to upload your video to YouTube to be considered for the contest. Please note that by entering the contest, you agree to the terms and conditions on our AGCO website.

If you’d like to view the videos already submitted, you can see them on AGCO’s YouTube channel. If you have any problems uploading you video, just post a comment below and we will do our best to help you out.

Now get those cameras rollin’… ACTION!

Independence Day is Everyday When You Farm

The love of farming is based in many truths. You know you can trust things you cannot control. You get great pleasure in helping grow food, fiber and feed for others. And you have a deep appreciation for the independence you enjoy everyday.

This year as the US celebrated another Independence Day, I had the opportunity to reflect on the many freedoms that come with farming. Granted, there are also many, many responsibilities, but these are outweighed by the gift of freedom and independence. The freedom to be your own boss, the choice to put family first, and the autonomy to to be part of a greater community all combine into a distinct personality.

Farmers are a unique breed, whether they call a small-scale operation home or if they run a huge agribusiness. Those that earn their living by living off the land all share this desire for freedom and independence.

Yesterday’s July 4th holiday helped me to realize it was not a coincidence that Paul Mobley’s book, The American Farmer, was subtitled “The Heart of our Country.” (These amazing pictures were presented by Paul himself at the annual NAMA – National Agrimarketing Assn. conference this spring.) That same heartbeat of independence that drives America, and many other countries who have also fought hard for their freedom, also beats within the heart of a farmer.

As you enjoy this online version of The American Farmer, tell us what freedoms you enjoy most that come from being a farmer.

A Grand Entrance for Harvesting Innovations

There you are minding your own business, drinking a latte at a cafe, taking a photo at Palazzo Pisani Moretta when you see a combine floating down the canal next to you. This is precisely what happened to tourists and residents in Venice, Italy last week. AGCO core brands Fendt and Massey Ferguson hosted a harvesting launch for their European dealers and distributors in Venice and floated two combines down the Grand Canal. What a site!

While Fendt showcased their new X-Series HYBRID combine, Massey Ferguson chose their CENTORA combine. Both models are an absolute representation of AGCO’s continuing commitment to develop class-leading harvesting machinery. These products are available in a variety of European markets.

View a slideshow of photos below and a video of the Massey Ferguson CENTORA combine’s journey down the Grand Canal or read about the event from the Fendt website.

What harvesting innovations are you most impressed with?