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Ask an Ag Expert

Ever had a question about agriculture or farm equipment that you really wanted answered but didn’t know where to go? You can always ask your local dealers, as they are experts in your local area and will be happy to help, or point you in the right direction.
You can also ask AGCO. We really mean it when we say “Your Agriculture Company.” We have a staff of countless knowledgeable ag experts around the globe that stay up-to-date with product information and current agriculture issues. You’ve already heard from experts in the areas of combines, technology, balers and tractors. Our product specialists are ready to answer the wide variety of questions you may have.

What are some questions you would like answered? Post them below as a comment and your question could be answered in a future blog post by one of AGCO’s leading ag experts.

Connecting With Consumers

I’ve mentioned before on this blog – the importance for farmers to get involved with social media. But this isn’t just for promotion of localfarms…it’s about promoting all farms and agriculture. A farmer in California can give a tour of their farm that is viewed all around the world. A farmer in the UK can invite residents to come sample some fresh local produce. Steve Tucker, pictured at the right, from Venango, Nebraska, has both a blog,“View from the Tractor” and over 2200 Twitter followers. Below are some other reasons I found for farmers to get involved with social media:

Recently Anne Mims-Adrian, Alabama Cooperative Extension System associate director of information technology, along with professional speaker Michele Payn-Knoper gathered responses on the benefits of using social media in farming, ironically posting the question on Twitter, another social media site allowing users to post short comments and questions. Here are a few of their responses:

Farmers’ social media benefits:

• Sharing information and ideas with other farmers and learning from other farmers, ranchers and associates of agriculture.
• Providing quick, responsive networks and communities for farm use and important emerging issues.
• Marketing farm and ranch products.
• Connecting and interacting with consumers, creating conversations and relationships with them.
• Allowing agriculturists to share positive information.
• Educating people who are not associated with agriculture.
• Widening the scope of local farmers.
Source: Farmers Learning Benefits of Web-Based Social Media

Get involved and share your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter information as a comment below! We may feature your farm on a future blog post!

Massey Ferguson 2170XD Baler Update

Hello everyone, Matt LeCroy again. Thank you all for your interest in the Massey Ferguson 2170XD balers. We have had very successful starts in all the areas that are running the XD balers; showing gains between 18% and 21% across the board. We have been baling Sudan Grass and Bermuda in Arizona.

The bale / weight scale kit that I mentioned in my previous article is shown below. You will notice the load cells at the bottom of the chute mounting. These load cells measure the bale weight. The bale length and flake length are measured via the star wheel meter on the top of the bale chamber. The bale weight is displayed on the baler or tractor monitor if the tractor is ISO compliant.

Below is a field shot of one of our balers running in Arizona in Alfalfa. You will notice we are running against two competitive balers. With a 23% faster plunger speed and the Hesston pre-compression chamber we were running much faster in the field with better bale formation.

I will be traveling to Oregon to bale different types of grass hays and straw next week. Keep watching for more information on the exciting 2170XD balers as I will have an update from the field next week.

Remember, we’d love to hear from you, so post a comment with any questions you might have on hay or hay products.

AGCO Launches Farm Equipment Comparison Tool

Are you looking for an easy way to compare technical product specifications for tractors, combine harvesters, hay balers, spreaders and application equipment? Visit AGCO’s new farm equipment product comparison tool, AGCO Compare, to evaluate a North American AGCO product versus up to three other products. This easy-to-use online tool also allows you to compare competitors’ products (if available) and receive personalized comparison results via email.

For example: a farmer looking to buy a new tractor could choose to compare tractors and evaluate their technical specifications. AGCO brands’ Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra specifications are included. This new tool demonstrates AGCO’s commitment to help farmers make better decisions through better information – and at the same time shows AGCO products are both comparable and competitive to the other major brands in the industry.
Your AGCO dealer would be happy to discuss these specifications and AGCO’s advantages with you during your next visit.

Massey Ferguson Tests Extra Density Hay Baler

Matt LeCroy, North American hay products marketing specialist for AGCO writing to you from the AGCO Blog. I was born on a Santa Gertrudis cattle and hay farm in northeast Georgia where we raised, baled and sold lots of hay. My happiest day was when we got a round baler, because throwing small squares in Georgia in August is about as bad as it can get. Now I work for AGCO on Hesston and Massey Ferguson hay products. I love hay.

AGCO began running the new Massey Ferguson 2170XD 3×4 large square baler prototype in the field in May. The MF2170XD is an Xtra Density baler. These units have an increased plunger load as well as other additions baling alfalfa bales over 1,700 lbs. The 2010 MF2170 production balers were allowed a plunger load increase from 285 to 330. This resulted in an average 100 lb gain.

We currently have customers running balers in Willamette Valley, Oregon, Blythe, California and outside of Phoenix, Arizona. One of the balers has had over 4,400 bales through it already.

We are monitoring the productivity of the balers by using the AGCO HayBoss G2 Tagger, moisture sensor, preservative applicator as well as the AGCO bale/weight scale kit. This allows us to upload the bale length, weight and moisture content to a tag on each bale. We can then download field data to a spreadsheet and crunch some numbers.

We have made changes to the MF2170XD baler both structurally and electronically. The bales are almost 350 lbs heavier than 2009 production balers and 250 lbs heavier than 2010 production balers. This allows for greater profits when shipping hay.

Stay tuned to the AGCO Blog for more updates from out in the hay field. In the meantime, take a look at our current Massey Ferguson large square baler line-up with our interactive brochure.

We’d love to hear from you, so post a comment with any questions you might have on hay or hay products.
 And remember, I love hay!
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