Massey Ferguson Tests Extra Density Hay Baler

Matt LeCroy, North American hay products marketing specialist for AGCO writing to you from the AGCO Blog. I was born on a Santa Gertrudis cattle and hay farm in northeast Georgia where we raised, baled and sold lots of hay. My happiest day was when we got a round baler, because throwing small squares in Georgia in August is about as bad as it can get. Now I work for AGCO on Hesston and Massey Ferguson hay products. I love hay.

AGCO began running the new Massey Ferguson 2170XD 3×4 large square baler prototype in the field in May. The MF2170XD is an Xtra Density baler. These units have an increased plunger load as well as other additions baling alfalfa bales over 1,700 lbs. The 2010 MF2170 production balers were allowed a plunger load increase from 285 to 330. This resulted in an average 100 lb gain.

We currently have customers running balers in Willamette Valley, Oregon, Blythe, California and outside of Phoenix, Arizona. One of the balers has had over 4,400 bales through it already.

We are monitoring the productivity of the balers by using the AGCO HayBoss G2 Tagger, moisture sensor, preservative applicator as well as the AGCO bale/weight scale kit. This allows us to upload the bale length, weight and moisture content to a tag on each bale. We can then download field data to a spreadsheet and crunch some numbers.

We have made changes to the MF2170XD baler both structurally and electronically. The bales are almost 350 lbs heavier than 2009 production balers and 250 lbs heavier than 2010 production balers. This allows for greater profits when shipping hay.

Stay tuned to the AGCO Blog for more updates from out in the hay field. In the meantime, take a look at our current Massey Ferguson large square baler line-up with our interactive brochure.

We’d love to hear from you, so post a comment with any questions you might have on hay or hay products.
 And remember, I love hay!

15 Responses to “Massey Ferguson Tests Extra Density Hay Baler”

  • GK:

    with the hay that tight, is dry hay keeping?

  • Jamy Johnson:

    Matt says: "Moistures are usually at 10% or less. Hay should still cure for 30 days before shipment. HayBoss preservative applicators can be used for acid application." Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Steve Clarke:

    would you have a comparsion table large square balers compared to this extra density large square balers
    showing bale dimension and weight ?
    ie this would indicate what the increase bale density is for large square bales to high density large square bales

  • Jamy Johnson:

    Steve, Matt says:"We are still working on gathering data in multiple crop conditions. We are also running in multiple California, Arizona and Oregon counties to determine climate effects."

    Thanks for reading the AGCO blog!

  • Anonymous:

    Why chase Krone HDP down the High Density route instead of a new intovative idea. I thought the market leader usally lead?

  • Anonymous:

    What changes were made between the 2009 and 2010 production models to make a hundred pound per bale change

  • Jamy Johnson:

    A product Marketing Manager at AGCO said: "The changes to the 2010 big baler’s do not have anything to do with the XD balers but what changes were made will increase the bale weight

    -Plunger load setting increased by 15% — Improved bale weight

    The XD baler there were other changes"

  • Anonymous:

    Have you done any wheat straw at about 8-10%moisture with the XD baler and what were the average bale weights?

  • Jamy Johnson:

    Yes we have done a lot of wheat straw the bale weight would average about 200# and higher depending on straw length and the size of twine

  • Its good to see agricultural technology becomes more and more progressive each year. Increasing the density of the hay will increase the quality and quantity of the product. This is a crucial part in the production.

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