Massey Ferguson 2170XD Baler Update

Hello everyone, Matt LeCroy again. Thank you all for your interest in the Massey Ferguson 2170XD balers. We have had very successful starts in all the areas that are running the XD balers; showing gains between 18% and 21% across the board. We have been baling Sudan Grass and Bermuda in Arizona.

The bale / weight scale kit that I mentioned in my previous article is shown below. You will notice the load cells at the bottom of the chute mounting. These load cells measure the bale weight. The bale length and flake length are measured via the star wheel meter on the top of the bale chamber. The bale weight is displayed on the baler or tractor monitor if the tractor is ISO compliant.

Below is a field shot of one of our balers running in Arizona in Alfalfa. You will notice we are running against two competitive balers. With a 23% faster plunger speed and the Hesston pre-compression chamber we were running much faster in the field with better bale formation.

I will be traveling to Oregon to bale different types of grass hays and straw next week. Keep watching for more information on the exciting 2170XD balers as I will have an update from the field next week.

Remember, we’d love to hear from you, so post a comment with any questions you might have on hay or hay products.

11 Responses to “Massey Ferguson 2170XD Baler Update”

  • GK:

    You guys rock. How about some video of all the action?

  • AGCO:

    Matt says, “We will have a video linked to the blog the first week of August. Thank you for your interest and we hope to keep bringing you informative and useful updates.”

  • Al:

    you indicate gains of 18 to 21%. what are the gains in? bale weight, speed?

    also, what does the XD stand for?

  • Jamy Johnson:

    Hi Al, as you can see in Matt's first article XD stands for "Xtra Density" and the 18-21% gains refers to 18-21% bale weight gains without throughput or speed loss. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Josh Andrusiw (Alberta, Canada):

    Really looking forward to these balers being released. Currently have a "normal" 2170 and am quite happy with it. That HDP Krone had been rather tempting, glad to see this Hesston XD baler coming out.

    One related question, what did you think of the Gazeeka moisture meter (I am aware you ran it on one of the 2170XD balers in Arizona)?


  • AGCO:

    The Massey Ferguson 2170XD balers have Hayboss Harvestec moisture systems on them. We're not familiar with the Gazeeka.

  • Josh Andrusiw (Alberta, Canada):

    The 2170XD balers still owned by AGCO have them then, I wasn't aware the baler I am speaking about was already sold to a customer, was of the impression all XD balers were still AGCO-owned.

  • AGCO:

    You are right Josh, the Massey Ferguson 2170XD balers are prototypes.

  • Josh Andrusiw (Alberta, Canada):

    I realize they're prototypes, I just hadn't realized some of the prototypes were sold to customers for the 2010 season.

  • Anonymous:

    What is the go with the The bale / weight scale kit? I have a 09 2170, can they be fitted to it? Also do you have any additional information regarding the scale kit?

  • Jamy Johnson:

    The Bale Scale kit is for sale from you local dealership and it will fit on any of the 2100 series balers included in this kit is a bale length kit which will measure your bale as its been made this allow you to keep a uniform flakes size to maximize your baler productivity. When the bale weight / length kit is installed on the baler monitor will show both on the screen.