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How to Find Desiel Exhaust Fluid/AdBlue

You may have heard about AGCO’s e3 SCR (selective catalytic reduction) emissions technology, but you still may have some questions, such as:

- What is DEF/AdBlue?
- How does e3 work?
- Where can I find DEF/AdBlue for my tractor?
Here is the breakdown for you:

The Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF or also know as AdBlue) is a non-hazardous, high-purity, colorless solution containing 32.5% urea. The rest is deionized water. Urea is made up of ammonia and carbon dioxide. It’s used as an artificial fertilizer and it’s found in cosmetics and other products. DEF/AdBlue is not classified as hazardous to health, nor is it flammable or explosive. It carries no restrictions concerning handling or transport.

The Process
The fluid is sprayed into the exhaust gases as they leave the engine. Within the catalytic chamber,

1) the exhaust heat transforms the urea into ammonia which,
2) reacts with the nitrogen oxides, and
3) converts them into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor.

How Do I Find the Fluid?
Vehicle manufacturers, oil companies, the chemical industry and storage manufacturers are all working together to provide a robust supply of DEF/AdBlue. Currently, DEF/Adblue can be purchased through a variety of dealers and suppliers. It can also be purchased in bulk for on-site storage in approved storage/delivery systems.

You can always get DEF/AdBlue from your local dealer, but for a listing of more locations visit the “Find DEF/AdBlue” tab on the e3 website. Source: AGCO e3 | energy | economy | ecology

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