Farming App for Smartphones

Been waiting around for a farming app for your smart phone? Well it’s here:

One of the biggest challenges each farmer faces is decisions related to marketing his grain and how those decisions will affect his bottom line. Farmer’s Partner™ Android app for agriculture enables the farmer to calculate profitability based on where the grain markets are currently trading and to see how higher or lower grain markets will change his bottom line and his agribusiness.

“Farmers are known for being early adaptors of new technology,” says Heartland Farm Partners President Jeff Peterson. “But a few months ago when we looked for a smart phone app to help top producers manage their operation from their mobile phone, we were surprised there simply weren’t any apps designed for agriculture. So we decided to build one.”

Farmer’s Partner runs on Android phones and enables a farmer to input dozens of variables to create a complete overview of the farm operation. Commodities pricing and breaking news are also built into the app, giving the producer both historic and up-to-date information to allow him to make the best decisions on grain marketing. Farmer’s Partner is available through the Android marketplace.” Source: Farmer’s Partner First Smartphone App Created Specifically for Today’s Farmer

You can click the image to download this Farmer’s Partner app for the Android from their site. What are some cool gadgets that you use to help you farm efficiently?

11 Responses to “Farming App for Smartphones”

  • AgrariNet:

    Hey that is nice, I didn't know this app before. I have a android phone, and I will defintatly going to test the Farmer's Partner™ app for android.
    Thanks for the tip

  • AGCO:

    AgrariNet… we have your answer from Craig Lutz-Priefert at

    "Hi Sue,
    Thanks so much for your inquiry about Farmer's Partner. Yes, we plan on launching an iPhone version, but don't have a firm date in mind, yet. After we get some good feedback from farmers in the field, we will refine the Android version and then launch the iPhone version. We launched our app on Android because in many parts of the rural Midwest (US) the AT&T coverage is not yet as good as some of the other carriers.

    Thanks again…I grew up on a Nebraska farm and the first combine I cut wheat with was a 1968 410 Massey (gas, not diesel), so it's nice to have you AGCO folks blogging about our Farm app!

  • AGCO:

    And another farm app just announced, this one to keep up with the latest news:

    ZimmComm New Media announces the first agricultural news media app for the iPhone – the AgWired iPhone App. The app offers one-touch access to all the latest news and information in the agribusiness and agricultural marketing world posted on, including audio, photos and video, and connections to other ZimmComm news sites.

    Learn more at:

  • Roger:

    there is a dairy farm app out now for any smart phones Manage your herd in the palm of your hand
    Check it out at

  • AGCO:

    Thanks for letting us know!

  • nokia e5:

    people don't understand that phone apps are just the beginning. Come up with a great idea and you can make some dough.

  • sanjeev:

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  • android mobile:

    Really nice and excellent job done by you guys, keep it up,thanks.

  • Josh Andrusiw (Alberta, Canada):

    Really looking forward to these balers being released. Currently have a "normal" 2170 and am quite happy with it. That HDP Krone had been rather tempting, glad to see this Hesston XD baler coming out.

    One related question, what did you think of the Gazeeka moisture meter (I am aware you ran it on one of the 2170XD balers in Arizona)?


  • eduardoelf:

    Very Nice the BLACKBERRY TORCH is really a great phone UNLOCKED (grey), I am pretty much sure that the has this one; they really are the best when it comes to mobile phones and electronics. They offer the best services too.

  • Chris:

    It sounds like a great app, but I can’t get it to load. I keep coming up with some message saying bad file.