Connecting With Consumers

I’ve mentioned before on this blog – the importance for farmers to get involved with social media. But this isn’t just for promotion of localfarms…it’s about promoting all farms and agriculture. A farmer in California can give a tour of their farm that is viewed all around the world. A farmer in the UK can invite residents to come sample some fresh local produce. Steve Tucker, pictured at the right, from Venango, Nebraska, has both a blog,“View from the Tractor” and over 2200 Twitter followers. Below are some other reasons I found for farmers to get involved with social media:

Recently Anne Mims-Adrian, Alabama Cooperative Extension System associate director of information technology, along with professional speaker Michele Payn-Knoper gathered responses on the benefits of using social media in farming, ironically posting the question on Twitter, another social media site allowing users to post short comments and questions. Here are a few of their responses:

Farmers’ social media benefits:

• Sharing information and ideas with other farmers and learning from other farmers, ranchers and associates of agriculture.
• Providing quick, responsive networks and communities for farm use and important emerging issues.
• Marketing farm and ranch products.
• Connecting and interacting with consumers, creating conversations and relationships with them.
• Allowing agriculturists to share positive information.
• Educating people who are not associated with agriculture.
• Widening the scope of local farmers.
Source: Farmers Learning Benefits of Web-Based Social Media

Get involved and share your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter information as a comment below! We may feature your farm on a future blog post!

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