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Ag Journalists Visit the Gleaner Super7

On July 8, three ag journalists visited the black-painted Gleaner S7 prototype in the field. Gleaner product marketing manager Kevin Bien briefed Willie Vogt with Farm Progress Publications, Larry Dreiling with High Plains Journal and Greg D. Horstmeier with Progressive Farmer, on the whys and hows of the Super7 for the US and Canadian markets. Few specifications were revealed – those details will be shared first with Gleaner dealers on August 10 & 11.

On the day the journalists visited the ground had dried enough to run, but the humidity was high. There had been morning fog at the S7’s location, so the wheat was too damp to harvest. Fortunately by late afternoon the moisture level was low enough to allow some harvesting. Each journalist had an opportunity to ride in the working prototype and collect shots of the S7 in action.

“The Class 7 combine market is about to get a little more feisty” said Willie Vogt, Farmer Iron Blog, about the new Gleaner Super7 combine in his “Quick Glimpse” post.

Larry Dreiling felt, “With it’s stealth features, the Super 7 didn’t look like the gleaming silver Gleaners I’ve been used to since going out to harvest with Dad and Uncle Ed when I was a little kid. The curious reporter in me is interested in learning more, since the AGCO bunch wouldn’t say much. When it gets all polished up, I’m sure it’ll prove to be a sweet machine.”

Greg D. Horstmeier reported “the prototype, carrying a ‘Super 7′ logo on the sides, was roughly the same size as the 2010-model R76 machines parked next to it. But rather than a standard 30-foot head, the prototype sported the 40-foot draper. And despite the bigger bite, it purred through the 60-plus-bushel wheat that was well above 18 percent moisture, thanks to a shower the day before.”

You can read more about the Gleaner Super7 combine, link to more pictures and information, and watch a video in our AGCO Blog post from last week.

What features would you like to see in the Gleaner Super7?

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