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Archive for July, 2010

New Sunflower SF1550 Disc Harrow

The new Sunflower SF1550 Series five section discs are here for U.S., Canada and Eastern Europe. They have a big, acre eating appetite that will manage over thirty acres per hour with five section flexibility, and 50 feet or 15 m working width. Tom Draper, Product Marketing Manager for AGCO’s Seeding and Tillage says:

“It is more than just a big disc harrow…..there are features that set it apart from the competition. The large producer in the U.S., Canada and in Eastern Europe, and in other broad acre areas and applications has the opportunity to work their ground with the combination of the biggest and the best.”

View the Sunflower SF1550 Series Disc Harrow product literature. You can also find out more information from your local dealer.

Writer of the Year Recognized at 2010 Ag Media Summit

Jamie Cole, Creative Director at Red Barn Publishing, recognized as Writer of the Year at 2010 Ag Media Summit in St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.

Meghann McNally, Massey Ferguson Brand Manager – North America commented, “We are honored that Jamie won the Writer of the Year award at the 2010 AG Media Summit Awards ceremony. His work on the pages of Massey Ferguson Farm Life and AGCO Advantage magazines brings to life the rich stories of farmers across North America. AGCO congratulates Jamie for his award.”

Check out one of Jamie’s award winning articles starting on page 12 of the web version of the Farm Life Magazine.

Congratulations, Jamie! Other past issues of these award winning magazines can be viewed at:

You can subscribe to AGCO Advantage and Massey Ferguson Farm Life through your North America dealer.

New Application Equipment Launched: RoGator & TerraGator

New RoGator and TerraGator Application Equipment was introduced to U.S. and Canadian agricultural journalists this morning. The ag media was invited to stay the day after Ag Media Summit for a special AGCO New Product Preview in St. Paul, Minnesota. While the official public introduction will be at MAGIE (Midwest Ag-Industries Exposition) on August 18-19, Mark Sharitz, Director of Marketing for Application Equipment Products, highlights these exciting new RoGator and TerraGator machines:

Learn more about these machines, plus see a video about the new MICHELIN® SprayBib™ radial tires with exclusive MICHELIN Ultraflex™ Technologies, and learn why it’s a perfect fit for the industry-leading RoGator. More videos on our Application Equipment YouTube playlist.

How to Find Desiel Exhaust Fluid/AdBlue

You may have heard about AGCO’s e3 SCR (selective catalytic reduction) emissions technology, but you still may have some questions, such as:

- What is DEF/AdBlue?
- How does e3 work?
- Where can I find DEF/AdBlue for my tractor?
Here is the breakdown for you:

The Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF or also know as AdBlue) is a non-hazardous, high-purity, colorless solution containing 32.5% urea. The rest is deionized water. Urea is made up of ammonia and carbon dioxide. It’s used as an artificial fertilizer and it’s found in cosmetics and other products. DEF/AdBlue is not classified as hazardous to health, nor is it flammable or explosive. It carries no restrictions concerning handling or transport.

The Process
The fluid is sprayed into the exhaust gases as they leave the engine. Within the catalytic chamber,

1) the exhaust heat transforms the urea into ammonia which,
2) reacts with the nitrogen oxides, and
3) converts them into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor.

How Do I Find the Fluid?
Vehicle manufacturers, oil companies, the chemical industry and storage manufacturers are all working together to provide a robust supply of DEF/AdBlue. Currently, DEF/Adblue can be purchased through a variety of dealers and suppliers. It can also be purchased in bulk for on-site storage in approved storage/delivery systems.

You can always get DEF/AdBlue from your local dealer, but for a listing of more locations visit the “Find DEF/AdBlue” tab on the e3 website. Source: AGCO e3 | energy | economy | ecology

New Videos on the Massey Ferguson HD2600 Tractors

Here’s an informational video about the Massey Ferguson HD Series 2600 tractor lineup. It features everyone’s favorite Massey Ferguson product marketing specialist, Jerry Oxborough, in a walk-around showcasing all of the new features and specifications.
In fact, check out all the new videos on the Massey Ferguson HD 2600 playlist on our YouTube channel including one interviewing Gabe Lopez, the winner of a HD series tractor for a year!
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