The New RoGator 600 Sprayer

For RoGator fans in Europe and the Middle East, check out the new RoGator 600 Sprayer for state of the art, self-propelled spraying.

“What chiefly sets it apart, says the Challenger marketing team, is the single-beam chassis which allows operators to alter the machine’s height and adjust track width hydraulically.

Challenger has a lot of experience in the sprayer market. More than 600 RoGators are sold in the USA every year and the unusual-looking SprayCoupe has been in production for more than 45 years. The current Rogator 418 and 618 are available with Chafer spraypacks in the UK and have been fitted with Knight kit in the past.

The RoGator 600, however, involved a clean-sheet approach to self-propelled sprayer design, says AGCO design engineer Joris Hiddema.

Powered by an AGCO SISU POWER engine, it shares the same cab as the Challenger MT Series tractors, as well as a 40kph hydrostatic transmission designed to operate in a similar fashion to the CVTs used in AGCO’s Vario-equipped tractors. The new RoGator adopts the same single-beam chassis for each of its three models.

“We didn’t want a heavy machine, but we did want to distribute the weight evenly,” says Mr Hiddema. “It was also important to keep width to a minimum of 2.55m for transport.

“The tank and driveline components are all positioned between the front and rear axle, meaning the centre of gravity is always in the middle of the machine regardless of what tank size is fitted.” ” Source: VIDEO: Challenger’s RoGator sprayer – 27/05/2010 – Farmers Weekly

Take a look at the UK’s new RoGator 600 Sprayer:

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