Pimp Your (Tractor) Ride

Valtra is the agricultural machinery brand that epitomizes customization. Renowned for their versatility and reliability, Valtra tractors are designed specifically for each customer and engineered to withstand harsh climates and deliver high performance in demanding work conditions. Customers work in close partnership with their sales representatives to determine the ideal specifications for powering their operations, choosing from a wide array of colors, engines, transmissions, hydraulics, cabs and other options. You can even visit the Valtra factory to observe your tractors being custom-built. Valtra delivers on its promise “Power of Choice.”

If that wasn’t enough, you can personalize your own virtual Valtra tractor online with a fun game! See mine in this post (I know, it’s awesome). Now, I don’t think you can actually order a satellite dish and a cat with your Valtra tractor, but I thought it was pretty fun. You can also submit your design to a gallery and view other peoples’ creations too. Have some fun today and design your new Valtra tractor … then post your creations here if you dare to compete with mine!

Learn more about Valtra tractors here.

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