Farm Safety – Protecting your Ears

Farm safety is important to farmers young and old. It’s necessary for farmers to pay particular attention to protect their hearing.
“Loud noises produced by farm machinery can put farmers at an increased risk for hearing loss.

A study performed at Eastern Washington University’s Department of Communication Disorders showed that more than half of farmers surveyed in eastern Washington state had been educated on the hazards of not wearing hearing protection. For those who learned about hearing loss—mostly younger farmers—the information was usually passed to them informally through word of mouth or through other means of self-education.

Whether they’ve received education on the hazards or not, farmers need to wear some sort of hearing protection, be it earmuffs or ear plugs, says Fuller.

“Ideally, farmers who wish to preserve their hearing should consider custom ear plugs,” he said. “Custom plugs are molded to the contours of the individual’s ear, thereby providing an excellent seal within the ear canal against intense noise.”
” Source: Farmers Need to Protect Their Hearing – Hobby Farms

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*Photo by Lesley Ward

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