AGCO Honors Farming Fathers (and Grandfathers) for Father’s Day

You may recall I grew up on a family dairy farm in Minnesota. My dad, Marlin, is at least a 3rd generation farmer (we’re not sure about generations back in his home country of Germany, near the Austrian border), whose family grew vegetables, milked cows for butter & fresh milk, and raised chickens for eggs. His dad, William, the oldest of 10 kids, had the responsibility of driving the produce to market each morning, getting up at 3 AM to load the wagon and hitch the mules to drive the 10 miles to town for grocery deliveries. Dad built our house, a modern milking parlour, two large sheds and multiple silos, while raising three kids and often working part-time jobs to supplement our family income.

Growing up my dad taught me that hard work is always worth the effort and the support of your family is worth the hassles they give you. This wisdom is just a few of the valuable life lessons that farming fathers teach their children. In honor of the U.S. holiday of Father’s Day, and farming fathers everywhere, we at AGCO decided to pay tribute by sharing some of the life lessons our employees have learned from their farming fathers, and grandfathers.

What life lessons did your farming father or grandfather teach you?
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5 Responses to “AGCO Honors Farming Fathers (and Grandfathers) for Father’s Day”

  • joannieg:

    My dad taught me the importance of being a hard worker! During this time of year, while other kids were sleeping in, sunning themselves, or playing ball, my sister and I would be mowing grass, painting farm buildings, tending to the pigs, or walking the soybean fields to remove weeds by hand! And now I'm a gainfully employed adult who is often counted on to get things done when others won't!

  • Sue Otten:

    Joanie, did you & your sister also argue about who got to drive the tractor without the cab, so you could get a better tan. This was in the days before skin cancer was discovered, of course.

  • joannieg:

    Gotta love a good farmer's tan! 🙂

  • Reid Hamre:

    I was able to enjoy a great Father's Day weekend away with the family. While doing so I told my daughter Lori and my son Rex about this AGCO Father's Day posting. This is what came to mind from their times with Grandpa Larry (my Dad) on the farm in Minnesota:

    "You can't catch a fish if your line is not in the water!"

  • Anonymous:

    This should be a page that gets alot more ad time.. We all owe alot to the farmers of the past and the future. Hopefully it will return to FAMILY FARMS. I learned alot more about life in general than my classmates in school (unless they also were farmers children). It should be mandatory time in the classes now/ for future generations to see where we all came from /to be able to deceide together where we are going.. The USA is in dire need of programs like this, the techstuff can be erased by one electronic interference.. We need in hand training..alot.. I hope n pray in time.