17 Tips for Tuning up Your Planter

Last week I blogged about an article I found in Advantage Magazine about tractor safety. Here’s some tips I found about tuning-up and taking care of your planter.
  • Look for wear on double disk openers and seed tubes.
  • Make sure sprocket settings on the planter transmission are correct.
  • Assure the controller and monitor are calibrated on hydraulic prime models.
  • Make sure the meters have all been cleaned from the previous season.
  • Check for worn chains, stiff chain links and tire pressure on ground-drive units.
  • Lubricate all chains and grease fittings.
  • Check the bearings/bushings on the parallel linkage to ensure that all row units are tracking correctly.
  • Make sure seed drop tubes are clean and clear of any obstructions.
  • Clean seed tube sensors and make sure the wiring hasn’t been damaged if you are using a planter monitor.
  • Ensure coulters and disk openers are aligned properly.
  • Check the planter’s depth-control settings to make sure they are accurate.
  • Make sure the closing wheels are correctly aligned.
  • Make sure the hitch is correctly adjusted so the row units are level.
  • Check metering units on fertilizer and insecticide applicators.
  • Make sure transport lighting is working properly and reflectors are in place.
  • Inspect air tubes for cracks and check the condition of hopper lid seals.
  • Make sure the drive and transport tires are inflated to specifications.

“Planter Tune-Up Checklist” by Tharran E. Gaines appeared in the Spring issue of Advantage magazine from AGCO and Red Barn Publishing. If you don’t receive Advantage magazine, visit your local AGCO dealer to sign up.

Do you have any tips to add to the list?

3 Responses to “17 Tips for Tuning up Your Planter”

  • Anonymous:

    great tips for planter owners, also remember to remove seed plates from metering units, as not to damage your brushes.

  • @tykerman1:

    make sure your hitch pin ain’t broke!

  • Sue Otten:

    Steve, you cannot be thinking about planting in NE this time of year, are you? Don’t you have about a ton of snow on the ground?