10 Years of Food Assurance in the UK

The Red Tractor symbol has become the face of food assurance in the UK. For their 10 Year celebration, a Massey Ferguson 5445 towed a six foot tall cake in the shape of the Red Tractor logo to the celebration site in England. Massey Ferguson UK has been an active partner and supporter of the Red Tractor Program since its inception 10 years ago. The delivery is shown below and left with David Gregory, Chairman of Assured Food Standards. The cake is shown to the right being cut by Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, and UK media personality, Janet Street-Porter… Now that’s a lot of cake!

Since its launch by the Prime Minister in 2000, the Red Tractor has united the food chain in raising standards and verifying that they are being met. Shoppers can be confident that food bearing the Red Tractor has been checked every step of the way from farm to pack.

It is also the firmest guarantee yet that food can be traced right back to the farms from which it came – an assurance that is backed up by regular traceback inspections.

Over 78,000 farmers and growers are now members of the scheme, all committed to maintaining high standards of food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection. Source: The Red Tractor

What are some emerging and/or existing food assurance programs in your region?

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