Tips for Easy Virtual Farm Tours

Social media has put the power of marketing into everyone’s hands for little to no cost at all. With free and easy tools available like YouTube and Flickr, you can use this “power” positively to promote your message. YouTube is a way to broadcast your message by uploading your video for free. Cameras start at less than $100 and are becoming less expensive all the time. Flickr is an equally easy, slick way to share your photos and is also searchable via the web.

Here is an example of a farmer who has used these powerful tools to promote the special care and attention their farm provides to make sure their hogs are well cared for. Sometimes, safety issues and health concerns for your livestock do not permit you to open your farm up for public tours. However, this farmer decided instead to invite people on a virtual tour of her hog farm. Watch it here:

Why not invite people on a virtual tour of your farm? If you do, we’d love for you to post links to your videos on the AGCO Facebook fan page to share with our fans.

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