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The HD Series. Easy to Love. Tough to Beat.

How does a tractor become a classic? Simple. By exceeding expectations – and then some. More than 40 years ago, the legendary MF 165 did just that and became a leading name in utility tractors, which is what Massey Ferguson is out to do again. Welcome to the next heavyweight classic from Massey Ferguson – one of the most important advances in utility tractors in the past fifty years. The rugged, reliable HD Series 2600 – as in “Heavy Duty. More beef. More muscle. More power. More comfort. What more can we say?

You may remember the mention of the new Massey Ferguson HD Series 2600 in a recent blog post. We are proud to introduce a new way to keep track of new AGCO products through the “NEW” tab on our Facebook fan page. Here, you can link to photos, videos, find a dealer and even watch a live chat. Finally, you’ll want to check out this exclusive offer: as an AGCO facebook fan, you can receive a coupon worth $500! But act fast… this is a limited offer.

Have a need for more power and more comfort? Have questions on the HD Series 2600 tractor? Post your question here or in a comment below.

Build Your Perfect Tractor

The new Valtra Direct and Versu models available in Europe and Australia are no strangers to Valtra’s “a la carte” customization options.Customers can choose from hundreds of combinations to design the perfect tractor for their specific job. AGCO Australia’s Valtra product manager David Rutherford said:

“About 50 per cent of customers use the a la carte system to order their Valtras in Europe,” David said. “It ensures they get exactly what they need
in a tractor, straight from the factory.” The turn-around time for a Valtra Versu or Direct custom-made tractor is about 12-16 weeks for Australian customers. The new Valtras can be custom delivered in one of nine colours, which include metallic paint options. There are also hundreds of combinations of other features, from a driver’s seat and console that can be rotated to face rearwards, to a forestry cabin which has a polycarbonate glass roof. Not that the standard models don’t come off the shelf without a host of extras to start with.” Source: Valtra’s a la carte tractor buying – Weekly Times Now

Check out all the new features here. If you could customize your tractor with ANY one thing in the world…what would it be?

Want to know more about AGCO?

AGCO’s vision is to create high-tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world.

Take a look at this playlist on You Tube to learn more about our company and brands.

AGCOMMAND Advanced Telemetry System

AGCO is proud to introduce the AGCOMMAND™ vehicle-tracking system, a state-of-the-art telematics-based data-recording tool that monitors machine location, operation and efficiency on-the-go to help manage machine uptime, control costs and maximize operational efficiency.

“Telemetry-based tracking is an emerging trend within agriculture that has the potential to help managers optimize the performance of their equipment and cover more ground more efficiently. We expect sprayer and fertilizer managers to quickly adopt the technology because of its potential to make the tendering process more efficient and minimize downtime as well as to reduce spraying errors through use of the geo-fencing capability,” explains Dave Swain, technology marketing specialist with Advanced Technology Solutions at AGCO. “Because the technology also records equipment function and performance, it can be used to identify performance issues for possible adjustment or repair, and it makes maintenance easier to track and plan, helping enhance machine life.” Source: AGCO Press Release

Watch a guided tour:

3 Reasons to tell Your Ag Story

Everyone has a story. Maybe it’s a little bit of caveman ancestry or a throw-back to telling ghost stories around the campfire, but we all enjoy telling and hearing a good story. Farmers are no exception

. They like to spin a tale, tell a yarn. And now with the Internet, we can all be storytellers- only now they call it blogging.

But why take the time to tell your story? I can think of three, I am sure there are more.

1. Share your legacy.
Newlywed Ashley in Minnesota does an excellent job of this in her “Adventures in Vineyardland” blog.

2. Share your ideas.
Joan in Indiana told about how she makes a Christmas wreath for her dad’s barn each year, with the help of his Allis Chalmers tractors.

3. Share your voice.
10 Tractor Girls will be raising money for charity in the UK & Ireland and plan to blog about their trip on vintage tractors.

A couple more interesting blogs we have noticed…
– our friend Steve in Nebraska
blogs and did an interview via Skype, all from his Challenger tractor cab
– an interesting organic dairy
blog, “Bovine Bugle” by Jonathan in Vermont

These are just a few of the many blogs telling the story of agriculture in very personal and relevant ways. Farming is misunderstood by many these days. We can all do our part to set the story straight.

So, if you have, or know of an ag blog, let us know. We’ll compile a list and let everyone know in a future post.

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