Consumers Want to Hear Your Voice!

I stumbled across a blog entry written by Tom Steever at Brownfield Ag News that pointed to an interesting study conducted about consumer interest in food production. While an overwhelming majority of tested consumers said that they look to the food labels most often for more information about the food they eat, they were also interested in something else: the farmers. The study said that

“The single most important piece of information [consumers] would like to have from farmers is about how [their] food is produced.The largest segment of indicator consumers agreed they would like to know more about ‘measures used to produce safe food’ (76 percent agree/strongly agree ), and ‘ways they ensure animal care’ (68 percent agree/strongly agree ). Respondents agreed they would like to know ‘measures they take to protect the water’ (64 percent) and ‘how they make farming sustainable’ (61 percent).Source:

More and more these days, consumers want to know where their food is grown and who is growing it. There is a huge opportunity for farmers to share their voice and tell the world about who they are and what they do. People are going to listen…according to this study, they are begging for it! So, start a blog, join Twitter or Facebook. Get your story out there!

Let me know if you already have a presence in these areas…I’d love to follow and promote your story. What advice do you have for farmers just starting out in social media?

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