Build Your Perfect Tractor

The new Valtra Direct and Versu models available in Europe and Australia are no strangers to Valtra’s “a la carte” customization options.Customers can choose from hundreds of combinations to design the perfect tractor for their specific job. AGCO Australia’s Valtra product manager David Rutherford said:

“About 50 per cent of customers use the a la carte system to order their Valtras in Europe,” David said. “It ensures they get exactly what they need
in a tractor, straight from the factory.” The turn-around time for a Valtra Versu or Direct custom-made tractor is about 12-16 weeks for Australian customers. The new Valtras can be custom delivered in one of nine colours, which include metallic paint options. There are also hundreds of combinations of other features, from a driver’s seat and console that can be rotated to face rearwards, to a forestry cabin which has a polycarbonate glass roof. Not that the standard models don’t come off the shelf without a host of extras to start with.” Source: Valtra’s a la carte tractor buying – Weekly Times Now

Check out all the new features here. If you could customize your tractor with ANY one thing in the world…what would it be?

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