3 Reasons to tell Your Ag Story

Everyone has a story. Maybe it’s a little bit of caveman ancestry or a throw-back to telling ghost stories around the campfire, but we all enjoy telling and hearing a good story. Farmers are no exception

. They like to spin a tale, tell a yarn. And now with the Internet, we can all be storytellers- only now they call it blogging.

But why take the time to tell your story? I can think of three, I am sure there are more.

1. Share your legacy.
Newlywed Ashley in Minnesota does an excellent job of this in her “Adventures in Vineyardland” blog.

2. Share your ideas.
Joan in Indiana told about how she makes a Christmas wreath for her dad’s barn each year, with the help of his Allis Chalmers tractors.

3. Share your voice.
10 Tractor Girls will be raising money for charity in the UK & Ireland and plan to blog about their trip on vintage tractors.

A couple more interesting blogs we have noticed…
– our friend Steve in Nebraska
blogs and did an interview via Skype, all from his Challenger tractor cab
– an interesting organic dairy
blog, “Bovine Bugle” by Jonathan in Vermont

These are just a few of the many blogs telling the story of agriculture in very personal and relevant ways. Farming is misunderstood by many these days. We can all do our part to set the story straight.

So, if you have, or know of an ag blog, let us know. We’ll compile a list and let everyone know in a future post.

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