Fendt delivers value

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Fendt tractors deliver lower cost of ownership and increased productivity.

“According to Fendt UK sales manager Richard Shelton, a significant factor behind the increased sales is farming businesses trying to get more productivity from each piece of machinery and focusing more on the “life costs” of machinery, such as fuel consumption and depreciation.

“Many are unaware that life costs account for 60% of a machine’s total cost,” he says. “Only 40% of the true cost of ownership is the initial purchase price.”

In 2008, the premium German marque held 2.5% of the total UK tractor market and 19.1% of tractors over 201hp. Last year, despite total UK tractor sales falling by 12%, the company increased its sales from 477 to 625 tractors, taking its share to 3.8%.

Fendt’s aim for 2010 is a 1% increase, he added. “We’re running at 5.8% on the back of January-February sales, but expect to end somewhere close to 4.8%.”” Source: Fendt claims growing market share – 06 April 2010 – Farmers Weekly

You can learn more about the Fendt value proposition here.

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