Did you know… April is Soy Foods month

It’s not too late to celebrate April as Soy Foods month. Soy products are healthy and offer variety to our menus.

“April is National Soy Foods Month and now more than ever, more and more people are enjoying soy. Soymilk, soy burgers and soy cheese are showing up in consumers’ shopping carts now more than ever. The American Soybean Association (ASA) encourages you to take a stroll through a local grocery store and look for soy foods front and center. Soy offers many health benefits and that is positively impacting the popularity and use of soy. Eating soy has been known to lower cholesterol. It may also help in the prevention of certain illnesses such as heart disease, kidney disease, cancers, osteoporosis and diabetes. Soy foods are an excellent choice for weight management as protein helps delay feelings of hunger. For more information about Soy Foods Month and soy foods, visit Source: April is National Soy Foods Month

Have any good soy recipes to share?

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