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Get a Bird’s-eye-view of AGRISHOW 2010

AGRISHOW is Latin America’s largest farm show. The exhibitors and test lots are much the same as at other outdoor shows, with a few unique surprises. Massey Ferguson sponsored helicopter rides with ABC Helicopters. Captain Nelson Mattos and his crew offer rides for the show visitors.

You can see this video plus others from the show on AGCO’s YouTube channel at

South America – Ribeirão Preto City

Landed in São Paulo, breezed through customs and am dashing for a connection to Ribeirão Preto City, home to AGRISHOW 2010. Should make the flight, or else I won’t get to AGRISHOW 2010 until late afternoon.

While I am traveling today, you might want to take a look at AGCO do Brazil’s website, as they offer some different products than what is available in different regions of the world. Together the AGCO brands of Massey Ferguson and Valtra make up the dominant share of the farm equipment market.

One of the new products launched this year in South America was the Valtra A-Series tractors. They were created in response to the Brazillian government offering financial support for the development of low-horsepower tractors to improve the profitability for its country’s small farmers. Over 2,000 of the A750, A850 and A950’s were sold within the first two months alone.

Wish me luck… I’m off to catch my next flight! Don’t forget to send me your questions by commenting to this post.

Texting can make a difference

AGCO is a proud sponsor of both the FFA and 4H Clubs of North America. Check out this simple way that you too can donate:

“National 4-H Council has kicked off the “4-H Give2Vote Challenge,” a fundraiser to benefit state 4-H programs using mobile and online technology.

To make your $10 donation, send a text to 50555 and type the message CLOVER. Participating wireless carriers include AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and Nextel. Your donation will be charged to your carrier’s monthly bill.

Your donation will be credited to the 4-H office in the state in which your mobile device’s area code is located.

Located out of your home state? You can make your donation and name your state by going online here

The state 4-H program receiving the most donations by mobile phone or by giving online at will receive a bonus $5,000. Each donation counts as one vote.

“New mobile technologies have allowed us to break exciting new ground and offer an easy way for people to support the 4-H movement,” said Donald T. Floyd, Jr, president and CEO of National 4-H Council. “Donations received via text provide an innovative new stream of funding to 4-H programs, creating even more opportunities for youth.” ” Source:

Sue is always talking about her memories as a 4H-er, hanging out in the dairy barn at the Minnesota State Fair. What kind of activities did you do as kid growing up on the farm?

Live From South America…well almost!

I am heading off to Brazil to attend the “AGRISHOW 2010” farm show. While there, I will also visit our manufacturing locations in Canoas and Mogi. Check back for updates from the show and to see some videos from our Valtra and Massey Ferguson plants.

In our 1st quarter earnings announcement released earlier this week, Martin Richenhagen, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer said, “In Brazil, market demand was near record levels, and we were very pleased with our sales and margin performance. Our South American region reported a sales increase of approximately 67.7% in the first quarter of 2010 compared to the first quarter of 2009, excluding favorable currency translation impacts. Stronger industry demand in Brazil and Argentina produced most of the increase.”

Any questions about Brazil that I can find out while I am there?

4 MUST DOs for Getting Your Tractor Work-Ready

Whether your tractor has been in the shed during the off months or out tackling the toughest of chores, it’s time for a thorough check-up inside and out to get it ready for that long list of upcoming projects on your acreage or small farm.

Jerry Oxborough, marketing specialist, Compact & Commercial Equipment for Massey Ferguson offers the following list for a preventative maintenance inspection of your equipment:

1. Begin with a thorough inspection. See if there is anything loose, damaged or in need of repair.

  • Look for loose or missing nuts, bolts and screws, then tighten or replace them. Loose fasteners cause insidious damage to thread parts, linkages and bushings; can loosen tolerances on tight-fitting mechanisms; and will waste your time on repairs that could have been prevented.
  • Make sure the loader or other attachments are connected properly and all pins and bolts are in place.
  • Look at all electrical connections and check them to see if they’re still wired tightly.
  • Check for fluid leaks and worn or cracked belts. Add engine coolant and replace belts as needed.
  • Check the condition of your tractor’s battery. A voltage meter reading below nine volts indicates you need a new battery. Make sure the battery connections are tight and free of corrosion.
  • Check the tires for proper air pressure and wear. Replace the tires if needed.
  • Finally, tighten wheel lugs according to the owner’s manual. Typically this is done after the first 10 hours of use and again at 50-hour intervals, but check your equipment’s operator’s manual for specific recommendations.

2. Make the needed changes.

  • Change the engine oil and filter.
  • Change the fuel filter, and if the tractor has not been used for several months, drain out old fuel to prevent dirt or water that has accumulated during the winter from damaging the engine.
  • Install new spark plug(s) and points.
  • Replace engine and air conditioning air filters, removing any debris from these areas.
  • Contact your local dealer for genuine OEM replacement parts designed and manufactured to the exact specifications of your tractor. Many OEM parts come with a 12-month warranty, and all are backed by the manufacturer to provide quality and reliable performance.

3. Lubricate. An un-lubricated tractor eventually experiences wear damage that will cause unnecessary and sometimes costly repairs.

  • Check your owner’s manual for grease zirk locations (so you don’t miss any) and direction on the type of grease or lubricant to use. Check the loader and other attachments as well for grease fittings.
  • You also can apply a drop of lubricating oil to each nut, bolt and joint on the tractor to prevent rust and keep them from seizing up.

4. Wash and polish. A clean tractor runs more efficiently and looks sharp while at work. Mud, grime and de-icing products should be removed to keep metal parts from corroding and rusting.

  • Use a mild soap and hose or power washer to clean away mud and debris. Automotive de-greaser is an effective way to remove greasy build-up on the engine and chassis. Don’t forget the radiator screens and the underside of your tractor.
  • Vacuum and wipe dust from inside the cab and wash cab windows to ensure the best view of your work.
  • Give the tractor an occasional wax or polish to enhance the paint finish and add to the tractor’s resale value.

So, no matter what brand of tractor you drive, a thorough off-season assessment of your investment will help you get the most enjoyment out of your equipment for years to come. Check your owner’s manual for more tips. Don’t have one? Visit Have any questions? Contact your local dealer and they will be happy to help.

What tips do you have to prepare for the busy work season?